Franklin Delano Roosevelt 


Thirty-Second President of the United States 1933-1945
Location: Corner of 5th St. & Main St.
He is the only U.S. president to have been elected four times.
At the age of 39 he was stricken with polio.
He appointment more women to federal posts than any other president thanks to the encouragement from his wife.

George Washington

Richard Nixon 

 While many important events occurred during Nixon's administration including the end of the Vietnam War, his visit to China, and putting a man on the moon, his time was marred by the Watergate Scandal. Faith in the office of the presidency declined with the revelations of this event and the way that the press dealt with the office changed forever from this time on. After Richard Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974, he retired to San Clemente, California. After his time in office, Nixon was pardoned by President Ford. Nixon also mediated a dispute between major league baseball and the umpire association.

Presidential Years: 1969-1974
Location: Corner of 5th St. & St. Joseph St., Rapid City, South Dakota 

Martin Van Buren

8th US President

Located at the corner of Main Street and 8th Street, this sculpture by Edward Hlavka and donated by Dr. Edwards and Peg Seljeskog depicts the eighth U.S. president reading the newspaper on a bench in his hometown of Kinderhook. Van Buren had Dutch ancestry and English was his second language. This, however, did not prevent him from reaching the highest office in the country.

Also in New York , Kinderhook, Columbia County


 Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, 2005

Chicago Transit Authority’s Jefferson Park Station
4917 North Milwaukee Avenue
Created by South Dakota native Edward Hlavka, this life-size statue depicts Jefferson signing the Declaration of Independence outside the Chicago Public Transit station that bears his name.
In comparison with other historical statues around the city, this one is unusual as it is not on a pedestal, but at ground level. This makes the piece interactive as viewers can see Jefferson eye to eye and view the Declaration of Independence in bronze. A campaign for this honorary statue was started by newspaper publisher, Glenn Nadig. Monies were donated by other businesses and individuals in the neighborhood.
Other Jefferson statues by Hlavka are on display at Mount Rushmore, in Jefferson City, Illinois and at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. 

 George Bush Senior

Alexander Hamilton